About us

The U-Ranking project is a joint initiative of the BBVA Foundation and the Ivie, forming part of their long history of collaboration to generate information and develop analysis on significant social and economic problems.

The BBVA Foundation expresses the corporate social responsibility of the BBVA Group and, in particular, its dedication to improving the societies where it conducts its business activity. This responsibility and commitment has led to an extensive history of generating public goods in the area of knowledge.

The Valencian Institute of Economic Research (Ivie) aims to develop, foster and project economic research at a national and international level.

U-Ranking 2021 has been carried out by the following Ivie team:

  • Francisco Pérez (Dir.) (University of Valencia and Ivie)
  • Joaquín Aldás (University of Valencia and Ivie)
  • Francisco Goerlich (University of Valencia and Ivie)
  • Rodrigo Aragón (Ivie)
  • María Moraga (Ivie)
  • Irene Zaera (Ivie)

In the different releases of the U-Ranking Project have participated other Ivie's researchers, professor and technician: José Manuel Pastor, Vicent Cucarella, Abel Fernández, Héctor García, Juan Pérez and Inés Rosell.

Collaboration with Alianza 4 Universidades (IUNE Group)

The Ivie has collaborated with members of the IUNE Observatory, belonging to Alianza 4 Universidades, in all matters related to research data and transfer, particularly in the area of Bibliometrics. The IUNE Observatory is the result of work carried out by a group of researchers from the universities that make up the «Allianza 4U» (Carlos III University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University). The general coordinator of IUNE is Elías Sanz-Casado, professor of Documentation at Carlos III University of Madrid and director of the Laboratory for Metric Information Studies.

Committee of experts

The Ivie team acknowledges the collaboration of the group of experts with whom the methodological approaches and problems of the project have been discussed and consulted. However, the final results are the sole responsibility of the Ivie team.

  • Antonio Villar (Pablo de Olavide University and Ivie)
  • Elías Sanz (Carlos III University)
  • Antonio Ariño (University of Valencia)
  • Álvaro Berenguer (University of Alicante)
  • Gualberto Buela-Casal (University of Granada)
  • José Miguel Carot (Polytechnic University of Valencia)
  • Fernando Casani (Autonomous University of Madrid)
  • Daniela De Filippo (Carlos III University)
  • M.ª Ángeles Fernández (Jaume I University)
  • Carlos García Zorita (Carlos III University)
  • José M.ª Gómez Sancho (University of Zaragoza)
  • Juan Hernández Armenteros (University of Jaén)
  • Joan Oltra (University of Valencia)
  • Carmen Pérez Esparrells (Autonomous University of Madrid)
  • José Antonio Pérez (Polytechnic University of Valencia)
  • Fernando Vidal (Miguel Hernández University)
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